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To serve in the military you have to meet the standard.  Whatever branch you join you have to make the weight requirement. There is no haggle or waiver, you have to commit and make it happen. This will not be easy or fast. We believe if you are 30 pounds overweight this will take you about 4 months to complete. Meaning you will have to lose 2 pounds a week.  We are here to make this task a little easier. By putting you through the individual branch of services workout programs. You not only work toward making the standard so you can be able to join, you also will familiarize yourself with the workouts you will be performing during boot camp. The result from our proof of concept have been amazing and we are moving forward to making this a reality.

About Us


A Problem Worth Solving

1 in 3 young adults of military recruitment age in the United States is too overweight to enlist. Obesity and being overweight is one of the highest causes of ineligibility in the armed services. We know we can change that.


Our Solution

Help you, the future Warfighter, become eligible to enlist. These programs are to help you lose the weight and get into shape for basic training. We use the workouts and systems that the government has invested millions of dollars in to research and developing. We bring this to you, the future Warfighter, in the palm of your hand.

We use FM7-22 and RPI-237 along with AR600-9 for the Army, AF136-2905 for the Air Force, and the NOF program for the Navy. The Coast Guard Program utilizes the "It's no just 8 weeks" program.


The Warfighters Success is Our Goal

Our mission is singular, with just one goal in mind: to get you, the future Warfighter, physically ready to lose weight to join the military regardless the Branch of service.


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